About Us

We are a newly formed HRS 421 Agricultural Non Stock Cooperative. We’re a collective of small cacao farmers in the state of Hawaii and the first Cacao Cooperative in the United States! Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. where climate allows cacao farming. Hawaii already has a thriving cacao industry but it does not have a cooperative that small local farmers can utilize to make a greater amount of money for their cacao. 

Our purpose is to enable cacao farmers to get the maximum amount of money for their cacao and to build a family of friends working together.  We intend to build a facility to receive cacao from local farmers, process the beans, and market it to the world as the freshest, healthiest, premium chocolate. 

The Deal: Cacao Farmers of Hawaii will purchase cacao from local growers and pay market price. The cacao then becomes the property of the Co-op. The Co-op will then process the cacao into chocolate, market and sell it. At the end of the fiscal year the co-op takes the gross profit, minus all costs and returns the net profit “unequally” to the member’s based upon how many pounds the member brought to the cooperative that year. This ensures the farmers receive the maximum return for their cacao and that no one person, group or corporation takes all the money. 

To be a member of the cooperative there is a $500.00 “buy in” which entitles the farmer to voting rights, a stake in the company, and to additional profits that chocolate sales bring. This allows the farmer to earn the maximum amount of money for their pods without having to purchase all the processing equipment and additional costs associated with processing chocolate. The Co-op will purchase cacao from nonmembers at “market rate” however, nonmembers are not entitled to voting rights and profits from chocolate sales. We will be asking all farmers to grow their cacao in a sustainable manner as stipulated by Certified Naturally Grown guidelines (CNG). The Co-op will strive to provide members with ongoing cacao-based education, fertilizer at cost, and other services.  

If interested please contact: info@cacaofarmersofhawaii.com