We just want to make everyone aware of this new pest  that's hitting the Puna area on the Big Island of Hawaii. Its been  spotted in Kurtistown, Orchidland, Hawaiian Acres, Hawaiian Paradise  Park and a single sighting in Pahoa. This beetle has the potential to  greatly impact orchards and tree-related agro businesses on the island.  Although there are hundred’s of species, this longhorn is called acalolepta aesthetica (Oliff) (Coleoptera;cerambycidae) and is originally from Australia.

Cacao Farmers Of Hawaii 


Longhorn beetle has been found in the following trees in Puna:

- Cacao
- Sago Palm
- Citrus
- Ulu (Bread Fruit)
- Kukui

Suspected Trees:

- Gunpowder
- Albezia

You Can Help!

We  are asking Puna Residents to inspect their trees for this pest.  Especially if the tree looks wilted or damaged. Look for the telltale  signs of infestation and report them to any of the contact we've  provided here.

More information:

Big Island Invasive Species Committie

For More Information

East Hawaii Cacao Association


State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture

Stacey Chun  808-974-4146

Cacao Farmers Of Hawaii